LIFT2 grants fund 13 new technologies

By: JBriann Johnson

July 7, 2017

The LSU Board of Supervisors selected 13 new inventions to fund through its innovation and technology transfer grant. These innovations are expected to make improvements in the health, energy and environmental sectors, like X-rays, mammograms and other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

LSU receives support to transfer its technologies to market and test their market potential.The grants play an essential role in contributing to the state’s economy and presenting a platform for new inventions.

 “We are proud to support the research conducted by our world-class faculty at LSU as they work to advance technologies that will improve health and build economic prosperity,” LSU Board of Supervisors chairman Scott Ballard said in a news release.

The innovation enhances will improve medical imaging by portraying clearer, high contrast images when examining lung and bone joint scans. The clarity of the new technologies can go a long way when searching for detrimental illnesses within the body, like cancer.

“It’s very important for LSU to play a key role in promoting and supporting innovation as a flagship university in Louisiana,” construction management professor Jonathan Shi said in a news release. “It’s extremely hard to move research results from the lab to the market. The seed funds narrow the gap.”

Shi developed the Smart Construction Daily Reporter, also known as a C-Reporter, to aid building project managers in developing daily reports for continuing construction projects. Feedback will be given to improve performances while working as well.

Shi has intentions of collaborating with local contractors once the software system is released.

“LIFT2 aims at transitioning innovations from the academy to the marketplace for public use and benefit,” Shi said. “As a top research university, LSU has a lot of intellectual assets which can benefit the state and community if deployed.”

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