Operational Improvement and Innovation

Chemicals are the backbone of U.S. manufacturing, but their production is energy intensive. The chemical manufacturing community in south Louisiana faces several challenges to sustain its healthy growth in a competitive environment. Among other programs, the task force plans to launch the innovative federal E3 program that integrates business leadership, environmental and energy management, and community development goals into a one-stop-shop technical assistance program.

The community also seeks to align diverse and innovative methods of capital access with potential needs. This will enable quick connections between opportunities for growth and the right funding sources, not only benefiting the chemical industrial ecosystem, but other industries as well. The Value Louisiana Initiative (VLI) is exploring innovative financing mechanisms that could be brought online and coordinated to ensure sustained support for coordination and technical assistance infrastructure to work with the manufacturing sector, and to develop a robust portfolio of capital access options for small, medium and large manufacturers to finance improvements, innovation and growth.

The LCMI recognizes that by developing new research partnerships and fostering innovation, Louisiana can remain a cutting-edge energy and chemical manufacturing sector. The region is home to several research universities including LSU, Southern University, University of Louisiana Lafayette, University of New Orleans and LCTCS. These institutions have developed their research, development and training capabilities in many technical areas important to the regional chemical industry, and will continue into the future. The task force will leverage existing priority research and innovation programs and take a multi-disciplinary approach to building cooperative research partnerships with regional chemical manufacturers and service providers for innovative solutions to actual problems in chemical manufacturing in the region. LCMI will also seize the enormous opportunity for Louisiana to be a leader in sustainable chemical manufacturing.

Operational Improvement and Research Innovation Chair: Kumar Nandakumar

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